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Hedge Your Bets - Evening Events

Fancy doing something a little different with your evening entertainment? Hedge Your Bets combines a race night and quiz evening in one ingenious interactive event. Split into teams, select jockeys and answer quick-fire quiz questions to help them overcome obstacles and ride our fine fillies to victory!

Fastest fingers on buzzers win the prize money in Hedge Your Bets, one of our most popular evening events.

What's Involved?

Here's how it works...

Our evening events coordinators will welcome everyone, explain the rules and make sure everything runs smoothly. Each team chooses a jockey and competes to answer questions before the other team. Once a question is answered correctly, it's time for the jockey to attempt to jump the hedge. Teams can choose whether to bet on the nose or place bets each way.

If a question is answered incorrectly, the opposing team gets the chance to grab a bookie's bonus!

The evening entertainment ends with the hilarious Kentucky Derby Racing game. One team member mounts their trusty steed and simulates galloping to glory. Who will be the fastest on four legs?

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