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Jugglers and Circus Entertainers

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jugglers and circus entertainers
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Jugglers and Circus Entertainers - Evening Events

Make your evening event an extravaganza with jugglers and circus entertainers. Astound guests with magic, illusions and mind-blowing physical feats that push the boundaries of the human body! Nothing gets people in the party spirit quite like circus acts. We'll get the party started with profes-sional entertainers who do more than just put on a show. If you want a spectacle, you got it!

What's Involved?

We can book all sorts of circus entertainers for your evening event, from jugglers and illusionists to some of the bendiest contortionists in the world.

Everyone loves jugglers! Be mesmerised by guys who can toss glow balls and glow clubs at the speed of light. Speaking of light, we can arrange for your evening event to be illuminated by pyrotechnic shows and fantastic fire entertainers who juggle, spin and dance with flames.

Fall under the hypnotic spell of the mind reader. Walk amidst clockwork ballerinas, Moulin Rouge girls and carnival characters. There are so many possibilities, from the weird to the wonderful.

Jugglers and circus entertainers add excitement to any evening event, not just a circus themed par-ty. If you want to get guests talking at a banquet, product launch or conference dinner, wow them with big top entertainment!

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