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Mind Readers - Evening Events

Pick a card, any card... From Derren Brown to Dynamo, everyone loves a master of illusion! Blow minds and create a real buzz at your corporate event with our amazing mentalist shows.

Our mind readers don't just find the four of hearts or make the jack of spades appear in someone's pocket. These clever clairvoyants are as original and gasp-inducing as the top talent on your TV. Watch in awe as colleagues and clients are influenced to behave in hilarious ways, or have their earliest memories written down by a complete stranger!

What's Involved?

Sceptics beware. Your mind reader is completely comfortable operating at close quarters. And the closer they get, the harder it is to work out how they're pulling it off!

Slick, funny and completely mindboggling, this show will put a smile on every face in the room. It can be tailored for small parties or large corporate events. Book a mind reader to perform as after dinner entertainment, or as a wandering showstopper driving guests crazy with incredible deceptions.

Drawings will be duplicated, lies detected and impossible amounts of information learned in seconds. Can you work out how the illusion is done - or will you be Mindwarped?

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