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Neon Light Shows - Evening Events

Your guests have finished dinner, and are just about to leave their seats, when... the lights dim, and eerily glowing figures infiltrate the room! Pulsating beats announce the arrival of your corporate evening's big surprise - a neon light show, fusing modern dance and visual art with cutting-edge technology and awe-inspiring drama.

What's Involved?

This illumination sensation is one of our favourite event showcases. The performance combines the athleticism of a circus show with the originality of an art installation, as the dancers' whirl through the room creating dazzling images with their light sticks.

As the pace of the dance picks up, streaks of light become blurs, starbursts, circles and even company logos or mottoes. Think Tron meets Stomp and you're there. There won't be a closed mouth or bored delegate in the room, as the futuristic performers weave their magic!

Neon light shows are also perfect product launchers and conference openers. The modern alternative to fire performers, they produce the same effect in venues whose safety restrictions prevent the use of naked flames.

Make a statement, position your brand as cutting-edge, and leave your audience with a memory that lasts long after the lights go out!

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