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Out Of Africa - Evening Events

There's nothing like tribal drumming and dancing for injecting a little energy and enthusiasm into corporate evening events. After a long conference, delegates can let off some steam by banging the drums and competing for tribal supremacy! Delegates will learn how to drum and dance like true Zulu warriors.

What's Involved?

The evening entertainment begins in true, show-stopping fashion. When delegates are sipping coffee after dinner, our troupe of traditional Zulu dancers will burst into the room and unleash a dazzling display.

Guests think they're simply being entertained, as they would be in most evening events. After the thunderous applause has diminished, our compere will take the mic and lay down the challenge!

Each table is asked to nominate a representative to come up on stage and become a Zulu master. Each tribal representative will don the traditional feathered armband and learn how to drum or dance.

Who will get into the Zulu spirit and win the battle for tribal supremacy?

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