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Pick Pocket - Evening Events

Watch out, watch out, there's a pick pocket about! Our sneaky thief is the perfect ice breaker at a corporate party. Lighter-fingered than Fagin, he'll perform feats of prestidigitation so breathtaking your guests will have to start talking.

What's Involved?

Put your pick pocket amongst the delegates at a conference, and he'll have their guest passes mixed up before anyone can say "team building". The only solution to getting them back: delegates have to introduce themselves to everyone in the room until they find the person who now has their identity. If there's a quicker way to break the ice at the start of your weekend, we'd like to see it!

Introduce the elusive bandit at a product launch, not to pick your guests' pockets but to slip promotional packs into their bags and suits. You'll create quite a stir when you ask them to refer to their launch material. "But we haven't got it yet." "Ladies and gentlemen, we think you'll find you have, please take a look in your briefcases and pockets"...

Combine other close quarters tricksters with your pick pocket for an electric atmosphere at your evening event. We also supply jugglers, circus artists and street magicians.

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