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Scores On The Doors - Evening Events

Can you defeat the doors? The ideal after dinner entertainment, Scores On The Doors is guaranteed to get every last guest in the party mood!

Presented in a glitzy game show format, Scores On The Doors challenges your employees or clients to solve a series of mental and physical puzzles, scoring points for a headstart in the final showdown! Challenges are designed to appeal to different strengths - physical, logical and lateral thinking - to make the most of the teams' combined abilities.

What's Involved?

To win through to the final round and beat the doors, guests will have to recognise the winning skills in each team member and use their strengths to the best advantage.

We can theme your Scores On The Doors evening to create the perfect corporate challenge. Add to the team building challenges included in the event with other classic game show twists. Why not drop in a tension-filled round of Beat The Banker for a Deal Or No Deal-inspired end to the evening?

With a compere to keep things lighthearted, a professional quiz set including back projections and lighting, and full event management, we've got every element of your themed evening covered. All you have to do is split your guests into teams and vie for the prize!

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