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Singers and Musicians - Evening Events

The right music makes all the difference - and with our extensive contact book, we can get you singers and musicians perfectly pitched for your event. Whether you need to add subtle ambience to a dinner or get the Led out after the plates have been cleared, we'll make sure your corporate party has the right soundtrack.

What's Involved?

Want to make your food service as memorable as your meal? Surprise your guests with singing waiters. How about an aria to go with dessert? Say the word and we'll show you it really isn't over until the fat lady sings.

Create a classical atmosphere with a string quartet or chamber choir. Add a twist to an awards dinner with an acoustic jazz ensemble or a string group playing covers of Beatles songs. Keep your party authentic with singers and musicians relevant to the theme. We've sourced swing bands for 1920s evenings, Bollywood orchestras for awards ceremonies and super-funky covers outfits for 70s and 80s parties.

From the esoteric to the popular, from soloists and crooners to full covers bands and tribute acts, there's enough talent on our roster to put your event at the top of the pops. Make the mood, get the party started, and dance 'till midnight.

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