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Taskmasters - Indoor Events

These event games come in all shapes and sizes and are only revealed when teams open each golden challenge envelope. There’s absolutely something for everyone, and this event is all about the fun! 

The event is hosted by the ‘Taskmaster’ – your comedic compere who brings the room to life! They will judge each round and allocate those vital points, so make sure you stay on their good side. 

This is team building like you’ve never experienced before. It’s a corporate event that always ends in laughs and one that will always be remembered.

What's Involved?

The event starts with teams opening their challenge envelope. The task can be a live challenge or a practice challenge. Live challenges take place straight away, meaning the team must think quickly on their feet. Practice challenges give the group 10 minutes to plan their strategy. The games are so varied you will literally not know what’s coming next! 

Tasks could include -  


Using the props provided dress your team as the Statue of Liberty. 

Tumble Tower  

Make the largest free-standing tower on the wobbliest surface. 

Plane Jane  

Make the greatest ever paper airplane. 

Hang in There  

Balance the most items you can find off the washing line in the 

most creative way possible. 

With a great variety of fun tasks, it really is suitable for everyone, even the physical tasks are specifically designed with non-physical elements to make sure they are accessible to everyone. 

This event will get all team members involved and will be a team building event that creates star performance. 

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