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Xtra Idol Karaoke - Evening Events

Find out which team has the star quality to impress Simon Scowell and his judges. We've combined elements from Pop Idol and The X Factor to create the ultimate musical team building challenge! Each team will form a super group and compete for the honour of being crowned Xtra Idol in our big sing-off.Xtra Idol gets teams collaborating and using their creative skills in a competitive and fun environment.

There's more to this team building challenge than stealing the spotlight. Creative flair, organisation and star quality is essential to get a super group ready to face Simon Scowell! Will the teams recognise the talents of their individual members and put them to best use?

Team Building Benefits:

  • Develop team synergy
  • Improve collaboration and communication skills
  • Enhance delegation, decision making and leadership skills
  • Illustrate the value of team work
  • Demonstrate the value of individual team member talents
  • Boost morale in the workplace

What's Involved?

Following a welcome from our events coordinators, the group will be split into teams and briefed.

We supply the props, costumes and make up - it's up to them to bring on the talent.

They have just two hours to create a super group, choose a fitting song from our list and prepare for the final performance! Team work, leadership and delegation skills are essential as each group will need to assign roles wisely. Directors, choreographers and voice coaches are every bit as important as the lead singers, backing singers and dancers.

There's a twist to this team building challenge.

Each member of the group must appear in the final stage performance so we'll discover the identities of the real stars of the team.

The big sing-off can take place at the end of this team building event or can form part of the evening entertainment at your conference.

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