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Fairground Stalls - Fun Days

Bored of the same old event formula? Looking for a cool and creative way to keep the crowds entertained? Fairground stalls are the way forward! Fresh, imaginative and tons of fun, our fairground bonanza features all the classic stalls and games.

Unleash the big kid within and make your fun day the event of the year!

What's Involved?

Roll up and get stuck into awesome old school games, including:

Coconut Shy - how hard can it be to knock a coconut off a stand? It's trickier than you might think! There's a prize up for grabs for those with a good aim so roll up and give it a whirl.

Hook a Duck - re-live the glory days of childhood with the quintessential fairground stall game. A game of both skill and chance, it's a real crowd-pleaser that always produces plenty of belly laughs. Not all ducks are winning ducks, so you'll need to race against time to hook as many as possible to win a prize.

Hoopla - put your hand-to-eye coordination skills to the test and toss the hoop over the block to win a prize.

Shooting Gallery - you'll need a cool head, a sharp eye, and a steady hand to hit the target. Take the challenge and impress everyone with your incredible marksmanship skills.

Tin Can Alley - get into the spirit of the Wild West and unleash your inner Clint Eastwood with this classic target shooting game.

Darts - try your arm at arrows and have a go at hitting the bullseye in this super, smashing, great game.

If you're looking for activities that will break the ice and keep everyone entertained for hours, fairground stalls will come up trumps.

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