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Football Darts - Fun Days 

Seeking a fresh twist on team building? Explore Football Darts – where the energy of football meets the precision of darts in an unforgettable inflatable adventure. Action Days introduces the exhilarating Football Dart Board, promising a mix of competition and laughter. Perfect for corporate events, our Football Darts Hire includes everything from a Giant Inflatable Foot Darts Board to Velcro Footballs and a referee, ensuring an engaging, memorable experience. 

What's Involved?

The Inflatable Football Darts Experience  

Event Coordinator as Referee: Our skilled Event Coordinators double as referees, ensuring fair play and fun for all. They're the experts in facilitating the game, keeping the energy high, and making sure your Football Darts experience is seamless from start to finish. 

Venue Find: Finding the perfect location for your Football Darts inflatable fun is part of our package. We will find a perfect outdoor setting on your behalf and then secure the ideal venue. 

Velcro Footballs: No ordinary balls here; engineered to stick to the dartboard upon impact. This innovative feature simplifies scoring while adding an exciting layer to each kick or throw, turning every attempt into a rewarding and exhilarating experience. 

Variety of Games: Our Football Darts Hire isn't just a one-trick pony. We offer a plethora of games and challenges to keep the excitement going. From classic darts scoring to creative team competitions, there's never a dull moment. 

The Football Darts Inflatable

The Giant Inflatable Foot Darts Board is the core attraction of our Football Darts event, offering a bold and exciting twist to traditional gameplay. Its considerable size and striking appearance not only draw players in but also challenges them to test their skills in a novel way. So, aiming for the bullseye or just here for a good time with your colleagues? This board's going to flip your corporate do into a full-on fun fest, a real mix of laughs and friendly face-offs. Doesn't matter if your game's more football or darts, or even if it's neither – we've got a spot for you. We're all about pulling everyone into the fun, breaking the ice, and sparking some lively banter and competition.

It's the magic mix for an event that'll really pop and pull your team closer, all in the name of fun and togetherness. Get ready to aim, kick, and score your way to an unforgettable day with Action Days!

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