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Bridge To Success

bridge to success
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Bridge To Success - Icebreaker

Ever wondered how to get everyone’s ideas, strategies, and objectives somewhere for everyone to see? With a bridge to success the aim is to build a bridge out of blocks as a team, with each block containing keywords, objectives and strategies written by each sub team with the view of the future of the organisation. Together, everyone will accumulate their blocks to then build the bridge to success. This activity is perfect for team involvement and employee motivation & engagement as they can physically see the future path for the business. Create a bridge that holds all your teams’ thoughts and ideas to really make the business integrate as one whole unit. This event also makes for an inspiring photo opportunity with your bridge of success, put this in the office as a reminder of where you want to be and how well your teams collaborated.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Team collaboration
  • Generation of ideas
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Event Summary

    Creative / Practical

    What's Involved?

    The objective of this icebreaker is to build a bridge out of blocks, that states and shows your organisations goals, strategies, and ideas. This activity involves everyone’s input from all teams and means that everyone can have a say in the direction of where they feel the business needs to go. Once everyone has had time in their groups to come up with some keywords and phrases, it's time to write them on the block and build the bridge to success. This really is a team activity and is perfect to do with new employees, to teach them in detail about the company. As well as business goals and objectives this icebreaker can also work with any subject, maybe how teams can be more motivated or how teams can incorporate mindfulness at work to bring success.

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