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Clap Happy

clap happy
Christmas Activities

Clap Happy - Icebreakers

Our Clap Happy event can now be done virtually through online video conferencing.

A great mid-conference energiser or ice breaker activity, Clap Happy is a great way to banish barriers and get all delegates on the same wavelength. Barriers will be broken down and participants will work in harmony to make marvellous rhythms and movements that build up into one high energy performance piece.

What's Involved?

Upon entering the room and sitting down, each delegate will discover a pair of brightly coloured gloves taped underneath their seat.

Our events coordinators will encourage them to don the gloves and get clapping, tapping, and stamping in sections.

Clap happy relaxes and bonds delegates, puts smiles on faces and reminds everyone of what can be achieved with a little teamwork.

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