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Entangle - Icebreakers

Entangle icebreaker is the perfect activity to get everyone on their feet and communicating to achieve the same goal. Each team will need to be clear in giving instructions and we recommend identifying a leader within the group to take charge to ensure the team is successful. Maybe you have a full day conference, and you need some activities to add in either at the beginning, in the middle or maybe at the end. Icebreaker team building events are the ideal break between serious and fun. The best way to give everyone attending the conference a break and keep them entertained and motivated all the way through. Entangle involves teams going head-to-head to be the first to win. Who will be the most competitive and who will win?

Moving away from conferences and meetings, our icebreaker events are perfect for in the office team building or as an activity that goes alongside a bigger event. An icebreaker works very well at the beginning of the main event, to introduce everyone to each other and break down barriers.

Team Building Benefits:


Team Motivation 

Encourages Teamwork 

Builds on Leadership 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

The aim of this activity is to get the whole team out of a tangle quickly. Teams will stand facing each other in a circle and be asked to grab someone’s hand opposite. You can’t hold hands with anyone stood next to you. Once everyone is linked together the time will start, you will then try and get your team back to the original circle. Not as easy as it sounds, you will have to go under and over several arms and work out which way everyone needs to move to be untangled. This is a great test of communication and teamwork. The team that manages to untangle themselves first wins.

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