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Hoops I Did It Again

hoops i did it again
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Hoops I Did It Again - Icebreakers

Hoops I Did It Again icebreaker for your next team building event. Get everyone involved in these fun hoop games. There’s more to a hula hoop than just swinging it around your hips. In this event there are a variety of games all based around hula hoops. Icebreakers are intended to get everyone to feel comfortable with everyone involved, relax, and forget about work tasks for half hour or so. Icebreakers play a part in mental health at work, as taking 20 minutes out of your day to do something different is important for all colleagues. Using hoops may seem simple, but the games are so much fun and very creative. Teams will be competing against each other to see who can win overall. 

Team Building Benefits:




Time Management 

Encourages competition 


Team Collaboration

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

Hoops I did it again is a combination of a variety of games involving hoops. Here are three of the games that are included when you book a Hoops I Did It Again event: 

Rock, Paper, Scissors:

Feeling active? This one has teams standing at opposite sides of the room with only hoops connecting them. The aim is to get one of your team members to the other side. One person from each team will jump into the hoops eventually meeting the other team somewhere along the way. When you meet the other person, you will need to play a round of rock, paper, scissors. Whoever wins that game gets to move on getting closer to the oppositions side. As soon as the game of rock, paper, scissors is complete the team who loses can send another person to jump through the hoops. Make it harder and get all your team to the other side, this way could work well with smaller teams. 

Hoop Pass:

There is a time limit on this one. The whole team will line up and one person needs to be nominated as the leader. Using the hoop, the leader has to ensure that all team members pass through it. It’s completely up to you and the team on the tactics for completing this one, each team will have a slightly different take on this activity. The quickest team to get all team members through the hoop wins. Only one person at a time is allowed through the hoop. 

Helium Hoop:

Helium Hoop is the frustrating one. This will seem possible once explained but it is really hard. Team members will need to place their index fingers underneath the hoop, so it balances on everyone’s fingers. The aim is to get the hoop to the floor by slowly moving towards the floor with the hoop. It is difficult as everyone will think they are moving down but some will be lifting up. A funny one as teams will be confused as to what is happening. Will your team be the first to accomplish this challenge? Will the hoop reach the floor with no cheating? 

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