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Human Bingo

human bingo
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Human Bingo - Icebreakers

This event is perfect for networking with others, an event where delegates from all over come together, a room full of people that may not know each other. After a game of Human Bingo everyone will have so much to talk about, networking will be in full swing and the room will be full of laughter with an energetic atmosphere. Some people can be put off by events that involve meeting new people, conversing with others and keeping the conversation flowing. Human bingo takes all of that away. Ask questions and find out more than you ever thought you would at an event or show. Speak to people that you may not have approached on your own, make strong connections for future business and surprise yourself by being able to answer all the questions. Imagine a room full of delegates all speaking to each other – now that is one loud event.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Networking
  • Communication skills
  • Building relationships
  • Maintaining client relationships
  • Event Summary

    Creative / Practical

    What's Involved?

    Bingo is in the name, so a line and a full house is your end goal. The bingo card is full of questions it’s your job to go around the room and ask others the questions, if answered successfully then you can mark that box as done and you’re a step closer to calling out BINGO. You must introduce yourself with your name and organisation before asking any questions – this is networking after all. Every square must be signed by a different person, no cheating allowed! Once you have a line with all the boxes filled in shout LINE. Human Bingo has everyone socialising and generates such a great atmosphere.

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