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Human Parachute

human parachute
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Human Parachute - Icebreakers

Wake them up, shake them up and break the ice with a series of against the clock team building challenges. The difference? Your teams will be competing for the prize with an extra impediment to conquer: a massive parachute, which flaps around in the breeze and seriously hampers progress!

What's Involved?

Utter chaos is guaranteed, unless each team can work out a system of communication and planning capable of quickfire change. As the parachute moves, it dramatically alters the circumstances of each game. Its next twist is impossible to predict, so your team members will have to react quickly and in unison to stop the colourful obstacle from causing disaster!

The games you'll be playing during your parachute team building exercise are designed to test mental, physical and social capacities to the full. team members must assign roles confidently and quickly, using each member wisely. With the clock ticking and the parachute flapping, it's vital to make the right decision on the spur of the moment.

Watch your team members go from total confusion to well-oiled machine as circumstances force them to set aside differences of opinion and pull together.

Team building should be fun, challenging and fast. You won't get much quicker, more hilarious or engaging than the Human Parachute!

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