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Human Rollercoaster

human rollercoaster
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Human Rollercoaster - Icebreakers

Bring the crazy ups and downs of the world's favourite fairground ride to your team building event! Once started, the Human Rollercoaster is impossible to stop. The question is, will you keep building the track quick enough to keep your team mates going in the right direction?

What's Involved?

Using only poles, T bars and the bodies of your team, your challenge is to build an ever-evolving track. Sounds simple? Not when you're also trying to keep a feisty little ball rolling along the rails! Your team members will need every ounce of skill, control, and communication to safeguard the sphere and get their rollercoaster running to the end of the line.

A frantic favourite for team building events, the Human Rollercoaster is ideal as a standalone challenge, or it can be worked into a programme of ice breakers at a conference or team day. Combining a classic beat the clock format with an original and physical puzzle, it's got everything you need to jolt your delegates out of their comfort zone and get them thinking like a real unit.

Our talented MCs are on hand throughout your team building event, keeping the pace frenetic and the energy levels high. Together, we'll build something special!

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