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Say As I Do - Icebreakers

Our Say As I Do event can now be done virtually through online video conferencing.

Say as I Do icebreaker is a great activity for your team to test their coordination, leadership, and communication skills. This activity works well as an addition to a meeting or conference, to give the group a break and test their brains another way. Teams will need to listen carefully and master the arts of multi-tasking. We all know how a conference can get towards the end, some tired faces and concentration levels lower than the start. Bring an element of challenging fun to your next event and you will soon have everyone on their second burst of energy. Icebreakers also play they perfect part as an addition to the main team building event on the day. Add a few icebreakers to the beginning of the day to get everyone to know each other and to break down the everyday barriers they feel at work. 

Team Building Benefits:




Boosts team morale 

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

With this icebreaker you really must have your thinking hat on and be ready to get a little confused and most likely make a mistake. But that’s what it’s about learning and developing. Your event organiser will begin by being the leader. Teams will stand in a circle holding hands with the person next to them. The aim of the activity is to listen to the leader and do as they say. These instructions could be things like jump in, jump out, jump left, and jump right. As a whole team you will perform the actions the leader says. This sounds easy right? Well, try and listen to what the leader says and do the opposite action to what is said. It gets even more complicated; the leader will only do the actions themselves and you have to copy or do the opposite actions. See if the whole team can do this together without any mistakes. Trust us it’s easier said than done. Give it a go yourselves! Say as I do can be done anywhere, so no need to worry about where this will happen. All you need to be able to do is stand in a circle with your team. 

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