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Six Count

six count
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Six Count - Icebreakers

Our Six Count event can now be done virtually through online video conferencing.

Count six to win in this frantic team building game, which starts with an energetic facilitator and ends in hilarious confusion. Teams must follow the actions of the game leader, who introduces new arm movements on the count. The more arm movements end up in play, the harder the game becomes!

What's Involved?

Team members must deploy every ounce of concentration at their disposal to correctly mimic the arm movements played by the facilitator, while all around them the room degenerates into chaos. Listening, understanding and actioning an increasingly complex series of commands are the orders of the day.

Fast, fiddly and tons of fun, Six Count is the team building equivalent of a flash mob - only no-one knows the moves until the very last second! It's ideal as a standalone team building "taster", to start a conference or break the ice at the start of a symposium.

We can also incorporate Six Count into bespoke corporate days. Pair the madness of Six Count with more thoughtful team building activities like the Toppling Tower or Motion Machine for a well-rounded afternoon outside those comfort zones. Or add to the hilarity with physical challenges like Stepping Stones and the Human Rollercoaster.

Stuck for ideas? We'll recommend a complete package of team tasks, designed to flex every muscle and stretch every skill - both physical and mental!

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