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Stepping Stones for Team Building

stepping stones for team building
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Stepping Stones - Icebreakers

Stepping stones just got seriously tricky! We've given the classic playground game a little team building twist.

In our version, the team is split into two even numbered groups and each group faces the other as they stand in a line of stepping stones hoops.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Bond large teams quickly
  • Enhances communication and collaboration skills
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Boost team morale

What's Involved?

Between the groups is one middle empty hoop stones. The team's goal is for the two teams to switch sides following the below rules.

  • You cannot move backward
  • A person can only move forwards into an empty space
  • Only one person can move at a time
  • Only one person can stand in one hoop at a time
  • If any rules are broken you must start from the beginning.

    The only way to do it is to get communicating and working together. That’s what makes it such a good ice breaker. Stepping Stones is a fast and fun way to get people to work together towards a common goal. They’ll laugh, leap and learn a lot about each other in a short space of time.

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