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Tube Grooves

tube grooves
Christmas Activities

Tube Grooves - Icebreakers

Tube Grooves is a fun and fast-paced musical team building activity that's perfect for conferences, corporate events, and away days. Using tuneful boom whackers, the whole group will work together in harmony to create a melodious performance piece.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Bond a new team
  • Improve communication skills
  • Illustrate the advantages of effective workplace collaboration
  • Encourage creative thinking using limited resources
  • Encourage a dysfunctional team to work together in harmony

What's Involved?

Our energetic events facilitator will lead the group and get everyone participating in next to no time using a series of fast and fun exercises.

The room will be sectioned into groups and handed differently coloured boom whackers, that once stuck produce slightly different notes The reds, yellows and blues must listen and react to the notes produced by each team in order to make sweet music. It takes timing, teamwork and communication skills to achieve the desired result.

For an explosive finale, ask us about including a crazy conductor! He'll burst into the room in traditional tailcoat and white bow tie to bring the final performance piece to a fitting climax.

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