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A Hole In One

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a hole in one
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A Hole In One - Indoor Events

If you are looking for a bit of fun whilst giving something back to the local community, then this is the challenge for you! A hole in one is an enjoyable and socially responsible activity powered by teamwork and a motivation to help others.

Before the event, guests will be asked to bring along some food bank donations in the form of canned or boxed goods. These will be used within the challenge before going on to be donated to a local food bank.

What's Involved?

On the day, after introductions and being split into teams, your guests will be tasked with designing, creating and theming their own crazy golf hole using only their combined skills along with the materials provided and the donated food cans and boxes. Once built, a list of rules will also need to be put in place for future users.

Whilst construction of the crazy golf hole is underway, a member of the team must also be made responsible for creating an appropriate golf club/ stick or bat. This person will be your nominated golfer and will take play on all the crazy golf holes created. A score is kept by a selected caddy whilst scores will be awarded by each home course official. The remaining members of the team will supervise their hole, enforcing rules and maintaining it.

At the close of the event, the scores will be gathered in and the winning team announced. Taking home a bottle of champagne will prove to be a glorious victory for the best handicapped team but nothing will compare to the feel good factor of donating provisions to those in need!

AGENDA This challenge will last for approximately 2 hours, subject to the number of guests.

PRIZES The winning team will crack open a bottle of champagne, on us. We’re happy to arrange an alternative prize if you prefer.

VENUE REQUIREMENTS We will need a large clear space with trestle tables around the edge of the room. An area of 3m x 3m per team is ideal.

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