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Apprenticeship Challenge

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apprenticeship challenge
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Apprenticeship Challenge - Indoor Events

Find out who has what it takes to secure a high-flying job in The City with this fun and imaginative team building challenge! Our version of the hit business reality show The Apprentice is a brilliant way to develop team work principles, leadership, negotiation and delegation skills. Think you could do a better job than Lord Sugar's hopefuls? There's a top City job up for grabs but to get it teams must find all the items on our shopping list without blowing the budget.

What's Involved?

Who will shine as team leader? Which team will make it back to the office first? Whose negotiation skills will save the day? All will be revealed in the boardroom with Alan Sweetener!

The aim is to successfully complete one of the following tasks and come up trumps in comparison to your opposing teams.

Choose from:

  • The Shopping List Challenge Using the budget available, teams need to source the listed items at the least expense.
  • Create a CommercialDesign and film your own commercial for the product or service outlined.
  • Create the Date Calendar CreationDesign, shoot and pitch your own calendars.
  • Chocolate Craft Challenge Make and market your own box of chocolates.
  • Product Promises In a dragons den style format, guests are tasked with coming up with a new innovative product and they need to pitch for investment.
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