Channel Hopping

Channel Hopping - Indoor EventsBUILD YOUR CUSTOM EVENT

Head-scratching conundrums. Infuriating trivia. Imagine if you could pick up your TV remote and click through all your favourite game shows, joining in the fun for every round… Well, now you can, thanks to our sofa-surfing classic!

While our host with the most cracks out the most cringeworthy, Brucie Bonus-style puns in history, your teams will be thrown straight into a mega-mix of classic game shows. Conquer Countdown, guess what happened next in A Question of Sport, and say what you see in Catchphrase.

This is a team building classic, perfect for after-dinner events. While your guests digest their meals, we'll roll out the cheesy one-liners. Treat employees and clients to all the glitz and glam of a swish game show production. In fact, treat them to several!

The key to winning Channel Hopping is to put your best player forward for each round. With decades of prime time TV history to relive, teams will need to know their stuff. Using the knowledge at your disposal is the only way to come out on top.

Are you ready to show off your obsession with Family Fortunes or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Or will you be too embarrassed to admit you know the words to the Mr Blobby song? Fastest fingers first for a spot behind the podium.

Here's what you could have won…