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cheese tasting corporate events
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Cheese Tasting - Indoor Events

Think you can tell the difference between a Beaufort and a Comte? Know your Jarlsberg from your Gruyere? The perfect after dinner event, our classic cheese tasting includes a blind taste challenge and a distinctly cheesy quiz!

Our experts are on hand to give you a fascinating insight into the world of Cheddars, Wensleydales and blues. Find out why only certain cheeses are allowed to call themselves Stilton, and how big a hole has to be to stop a cheese being called "Swiss"!

What's Involved?

With a fun quizmaster on hand to guide you through the marvellous world of after-dinner nibbles, you'll first learn and then get a chance to display your mastery of flavours and varieties. Test your newfound knowledge with questions based on the tasting. Learn how to match cheese flavours to sweet and savoury accompaniments. Discover surprising cheese and drink combinations.

Fancy adding a glass or two of something special to your cheese tasting evening? We work closely with internationally renowned wine tasters to provide the perfect match for nutty, full bodied and delicate flavours.

Try up to six wines, chosen to complement the selection of cheese on your platter. Guests at your corporate party will learn to combine the wine's nose with the keynote flavours of the cheese for the ultimate taste sensation. Now that's what we call a civilised end to a meal!

This event is now also run as an amazing Virtual Event, all cheeses will be sent direct to all participants and the event will take place over a virtual platform with full virtual tuition.  All the same fun and tastes to enjoy in your own home with virtual teams, and colleagues! 

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