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Chocolate Craft Challenge

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chocolate craft challenge
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Chocolate Craft Challenge - Indoor Events

A creative team building activity with a sweet twist, Chocolate Craft Challenge is a brilliant way to bond a group. Individuals or teams will see if they have what it takes to become a bona fide chocolatier! Under expert tutelage, they will learn how to create a box of fine handmade chocolates using natural ingredients. There are special techniques to be mastered and new skills to be learned in a fun, relaxed environment.

Chocolate Craft Challenge can be adapted to suit differently sized groups.

Participants can work as individuals or as part of a team depending on group size.

It's a great way to get small and intimate teams to think creatively. Alternatively, you can split a large group into separate teams and introduce a competitive element!

Team Building Benefits:

Chocolate Craft Challenge is a brilliant way to bond a new team or strengthen the working relationships in an existing one. It's also an excellent way of managing resistance to change as it teaches new skills in an unfamiliar environment. Furthermore, it works equally well as a team work challenge and a reward.

What's Involved?

The session starts with a chocolate making demonstration from a professional chocolatier. The group will be shown how to create individual chocolates with ganache fillings and use decorative piping techniques to add the finishing touches.

Everyone will get the chance to practice with a surprise lolly decorating competition before the real challenge begins!

Working within a set period of time, individuals/teams will be tasked with creating and decorating their own unique box of chocolates. Now we'll see who has been listening as the skills and techniques taught are put to the test!

There will be a pitching session to our judging panel at the end. Teams will be asked to come up with names, slogans and logos. Their chocolates will be judged on originality, quality and presentation.

There are no losers with Chocolate Craft Challenge! Everyone walks away with hand-crafted chocolates and a beautifully decorated and wrapped lolly. Not to mention skills that will wow colleagues, friends and family!

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