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Chocolate Interlude

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chocolate interlude
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Chocolate Interlude - Indoor Events

A fun, interactive team building activity based around everyone's favourite treat! Learn, participate and indulge with an illuminating session that will reveal everything you ever wanted to know about the sweet stuff. Chocolate Interlude is a fascinating demonstration and tasting session that works well as a team building event or an ice breaker activity.

Team Building Benefits:

Well suited to corporate events and conferences, Chocolate Interlude offers delegates a chance to relax, indulge and interact with others.

What's Involved?

Chocolate Interlude begins with a fascinating and funny insight into the history and origins of chocolate. A chocolate buff will reveal the history and art of chocolate making from Aztec times to the present day.

The facts will be interspersed with chocolate tasting sections. Delegates will sample everything from chilli chocolate to salty chocolate and even watercress chocolate!

The event continues with a professional chocolate making demonstration with plenty of opportunities for audience participation from willing volunteers.

Each delegate receives a luxury box of handmade chocolates to take home - or scoff on the spot!

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