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Cluedo'd - Indoor Events

I accuse Professor Plum, in the dining room with the lead piping...

Cluedo'd adds a dash of drama, intrigue and suspense to an evening event. It's an interactive dining experience that turns party guests into Sherlocks and Watsons!

What's Involved?

Murder most foul has been committed and it's up to your teams of intrepid investigators to find out whodunnit. Using the classic board game as a starting point, this party piece dials up the tension with extra evidence and a Scotland Yard detective heading up the investigation. Can you work your way through the clues to pinpoint the killer combo of location, weapon and murderer?

Among the clues are secret recordings, documentary evidence and eyewitness statements. Your closet Columbos and wannabe Wycliffes are going to have to sift through the evidence with care. Only one of 486 potential solutions is the correct answer, and only superb detection skills can prove whodunnit and why!

This evening event features actors, table dressings and a custom crafted murder plot. Teams can come dressed as their favourite characters or enjoy the mystery in their civilian clothes. If you want edge-of-your-seat entertainment for a corporate dinner or evening event,Cluedo'dis a classic choice.

Our master of ceremonies brilliantly creates the mood, and keeps the tension going throughout your evening. Bring a much-loved after dinner board game to life for a memorable evening event that will keep them guessing until the very end!

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