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Commercial Creation - Indoor Events

Looking for a team building challenge that will develop creative, communication and practical skills? Try Commercial Creation for size. Join our events team on our 'TV' set and get teams to work creating and filming their very own advertisement using only the props and equipment supplied by us!

Groups will have to get creative, stay within budget and stick to the super-tight deadlines set by our TV taskmasters. The world of broadcast TV waits for no man! Can the teams use their time management skills to get the show on the road?

Team Building Benefits:

If you're looking for team building activities that teach the value of individual roles and the importance of the bigger picture, Commercial Creation is a great choice. It's also a brilliant way to develop time management skills and will illustrate the equal importance of creativity and practical skills. In addition,

Commercial Creation manages resistance to change, takes teams out of their comfort zones, develops leadership skills and gets the competitive spirit pumping!

What's Involved?

The session starts with an introduction to the crew and a briefing by our Director. Each team will be asked to select an envelope, which contains details of the advert they will create.

Using only the props and equipment supplied, teams must create and film a TV advert with a budget of just £10,000.

Then it's lights, camera, action and the fun begins!

Roles will need to be given and tasks assigned. Who will take the director's chair? Which team member will be awarded the starring role? Commercial Creation also requires someone to take charge of props, a cameraman and extras to appear alongside the star.

There are a few twists in the brief to make this team building activity extra challenging!

When the adverts are finished, it's time for the big preview. Will they pass muster with our panel of judges?

Our panel of judges will score them and the Director will announce the winner at the awards ceremony. Cue gushing acceptance speeches and lots of cheering!

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