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Cooking Up A Conversation

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cooking up a conversation
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Cooking Up A Conversation - Indoor Events

Mix social responsibility with a delicious treat, pull them together and what do you get? The ultimate cooking up a conversation piece.

The event is set within the quirky location of Tooley Street, Fire Station. We have joined forces with specialists on a program which offers you a team based workshop with new skills to learn and take away, the session also highlights some of today’s social issues including homelessness.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Improve listening and communication skills
  • Bonding amongst team members
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • Takes teams out of their comfort zones
  • Demonstrate the value of team goal setting

What's Involved?

Whilst sipping on a welcome drink you’ll begin but meeting the chefs and their apprentices from homeless backgrounds. These individuals have turned their lives around to become employed, respected and successful chefs though their passion for food and culinary mastership.

After splitting into teams of 3 or 4 you’ll go through a health and safety briefing before learning and practicing the real techniques used in busy bistro kitchens. Your new-found skills will be put to the test as you and your peers prepare and indulge in your creations whilst reflecting on the work put into creating such wonderful foody sensations.

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