Corporate Band Building

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Corporate band building is a creative, hands-on team building activity that develops work-relevant skills in a fun, engaging environment. Teams will get to unleash their inner rock gods with a challenge that clearly illustrates the value of harmonious relationships.

Good team work, collaboration and communication will ensure that creative differences don't cause a rift!

How does it work?

Corporate Band Building begins with a welcome and brief from our events coordinators.

The group is split into teams. Each is supplied with musical instruments and tasked with performing a piece in harmony as a band. They'll need to make some key decisions before climbing the stairway to heaven. Good team work principles will help the bands make best use of their member talents. Will they use sound judgement when it comes to role allocation or will egos get in the way?

The clock's ticking! Teams will need to work quickly and effectively to ensure they make the most of the time allocated for practicing.

The team building challenge ends with all bands performing their pieces in front of our panel of discerning judges.

Ask us about including prizes and raise the level of competition.

What are the benefits of this team building activity?

Corporate Band Building helps team members:

  • Develop leadership and delegation skills
  • Illustrate the value of harmony in the workplace


  • Hone communication and collaboration skills
  • Teach the value of good time management