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As the days turn colder and the end of the year approaches, thoughts inevitably turn to 2018. And what better way to welcome in a new year than with a calendar personalised to your company? Forget Calendar Girls, this is a chance for you to not only celebrate the uniqueness of your workplace but collaborate on a joint project.

What's Involved?

With our Calendar Creation event, everyone is encouraged to really get their creative caps on! Armed with seasonal props and a camera, it's up to the teams to use their surroundings to take a photo for each month of the year. It can be flowers for May, a snow scene for December or hearts and flowers for February! This is also the ultimate event for the spirit and quirks of your company to be captured! Special anniversaries can be noted and if the coming year marks a milestone in the company's history, then this is the ideal activity to incorporate this.

Everyone receives a copy of the calendar post event. This is team building that promotes inclusion and creativity, with benefits that last all year long!

  • Suitable for both small and large groups
  • Inclusive, with the chance for teams to come together and collaborate on a joint project
  • Can be facilitated in both indoor and outdoor locations
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