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creative candy team building events
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Creative Candy - Indoor Events

Here at Off Limits Event Professionals we work with Candy Making specialists to provide you with an educational and fun workshop to get those sweet tooth's twitching and to strengthen work based relationships as groups come together to create some tasty sensations.

What's Involved?

Guests will learn the art of hard candy making and we'll ensure that there's fun and plenty of laughs along the way. This event offers both new found skills and a memorable experience for all participants.

The event will begin with an introduction into the science of confectionary and a series of demonstrations will be provided and guests can see first-hand how those delicious treats are formed.

You will then move onto flavour testing, before being put to the test and taking part in some candy making of your own.

Teams will create a flower or face candy lolly, each of the treats made can be tailored to suit your company or specific business objectives to your event. At the end of the day you and your guests can take home your creations to enjoy.

We can create bespoke activities based on this event or check out our Sweet Success Event. 

This event is no longer available!

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