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Dragons eDen - Indoor Events

Unfortunately the Dragons eDen event is no longer available, please view theEnter The Dragon's Lair event as an alternative.

We've given the smash hit business reality show an eco-sensitive twist. Dragons eDen is an ingenious green team building activity starring a bona fide show winner - Max McMurdo! Max secured a cool £50k of Theo Paphitis' and Deborah Meaden's money for his ingenious range of eco-friendly furniture.

Today, his evolutionary design company reestore ltd makes everything from shopping trolley chairs to bathtub chaises and desks crafted from aeroplane wings.

Now, your teams will be asked to showcase their ingenuity and entrepreneurial flair!

Dragons eDen is a green team building challenge that raises awareness of environmental issues whilst teaching the value of team work and communication.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Encourage resourcefulness in the workplace
  • Improve communication and collaboration skills
  • Teach the value of individual member roles
  • Develop lateral thinking skills

What's Involved?

Dragons eDen begins with a welcome and briefing from Max and our events coordinators. The group is put into teams. Each must create an environmentally friendly invention to a strict deadline. This time round, Max will join our team of dragons and decide who gets the all-important investment money.

It's all about team work, sharing ideas and using individual member talents. Teams must create and pitch the product to our panel.

Which team will think outside the bin and wow Max with their eco-friendly invention?

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