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Evening Spy Challenge

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evening spy challenge
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Evening Spy Challenge - Indoor Events

Everyone knows spies look best in black tie! Turn your dinner event into a mystery straight out of Bond as tables are given locked-briefcase challenges by our team of special agents.

As the briefcases are deployed, each table becomes a task-force that needs to work together to complete challenges, solve puzzles and reap rewards in Spy Dollars. Their first task is to open the case, which is protected by a code, and beat the paper-based challenges inside between the courses of your meal.

What's Involved?

Time is of the essence. A bomb is ticking away in the corner of the restaurant, and teams can't defuse it without conquering the problems inside their briefcase! In addition to observation-style seated missions, each table will be tasked with breaking into safes and beating additional codes. They'll need to perform quickly and in perfect unison if they're going to render the bomb harmless and collect a big pile of Spy Dollars before the next dish is delivered to the table…

When the meal's done, and the challenges are over, the teams face an epic showdown for extra cash. Just like in a spy movie, this final confrontation could change everything. You'll need to nominate your most fearless agent to take the stage for a quick-draw faceoff. The operative who can get their gun out of the holster in the fastest time earns extra Spy Dollars. With such high stakes, will your lone gunslingers hold their nerve?

Key mission elements:

  • Table challenges at a dinner event
  • Solve puzzles between courses
  • Take part in an optional head to head finale
  • Private dining is advisable

The Evening Spy Challenge is an indoor event.

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