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gumboot dance uk
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Gumboot Dancing - Indoor Events

Originating from South Africa, gumboot dancing is a high energy team building activity that will invigorate, motivate and bond a group. It works equally brilliantly as an ice breaker, conference energiser or as a standalone activity on a team away day.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Bonding a new team
  • Encouraging team work in organisations
  • Illustrating the advantages of teamwork to achieve goals
  • Improving collaboration and communication techniques
  • Motivating people
  • Teaching teams to think creatively and be resourceful

What's Involved?

What is Gumboot Dancing?

The New Zealand All Blacks rugby team use the ancient Maori tribal dance to unite and strengthen the troops. Gumboot dancing works along similar lines. It's all about bringing people together and getting them to work in harmony to achieve a common goal.

Gumboot dancing is associated with the gold mine trade in South Africa. The rural labourers that came to work in the gold mines used their tradition of using song, dance and rhythm to communicate with each other in what was a very poor and often perilous working environment. It's team building in its purest form.

As they were forbidden to talk, workers used the gumboots (or wellies as we call them) they wore to work in the gold mines to send messages to each other. Stomping, thigh slapping, clapping, rattling ankle chains, singing and chanting were combined to warn of danger. It was the language of the workers.

How it works

At the start of the gumboot dancing session, the whole group will be welcomed and briefed by one or more of our team building facilitators.

Our gumboot dancers will then take the floor and perform a routine that they will then teach the whole group. The routine is broken down into easy to learn sections. All the elements are fused together at the end in one thrilling, energetic final performance!


It's a far cry from smart phones and Facebook! Gumboot dancing takes communication and team building back to basics and gives individuals a real appreciation of the benefits of working together and using team member talents to get a job done quickly and effectively using limited means.

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