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Our Haka event can now be done virtually through online video conferencing.

When it comes to energising team building activities, Haka is hard to beat. Anyone who's ever seen the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team perform the ancient Maori tribal dance will know how effective Haka can be when it comes to bonding a team in order to achieve a common goal.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Develop team synergy
  • Enhance work performance through communication
  • Bond a new team
  • Develop high team performance
  • Boost morale in the workplace
  • Build trust in the workplace
  • Demonstrate the advantages of effective workplace collaboration

What's Involved?

Your delegates will get the full-on Haka experience at the hands of our energetic events coordinators! It's a great way to illustrate the power of communication without using words.

Thrilling, powerful, passionate and disciplined, Haka is all about unity and strength. What better way to bond a team?

Haka isn't exactly your average team building activity. We've made it into an absorbing event that will keep delegates on their toes from start to finish.

The session starts as normal, with delegates being welcomed by our events coordinators and taking their seats. When everyone's seated, the fun begins as our tribal leader bursts into the room and performs the Haka dance to a big fanfare!

In addition to learning how to perform the dance as one big group, teams will be asked to design their own tribal markings.

We've given this team building activity a competitive element by adding a tribal dance-off section.

Tribes will go head-to-head to showcase their new skills before joining forces for the final performance.

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