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ice sculpting team building events
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Ice Sculpting Team Building Events - Indoor Events

Ice Sculpting is the perfect team building event. Break the ice - literally - in this artistic team building challenge!

Your mission is simple: carve a realistic design from a block of crystal - clear ice. Will you create a super-cool masterpiece, or a frozen flop?

Teams will learn the secrets of ice carving from an expert sculptor. Watch a thrilling demonstration, then get involved with the chisels! Each team is given a partially - shaped ice block, all the kit needed to complete a sculpture, and a time limit.

Learn new skills. Race against the clock. And work seamlessly together in the coolest medium of them all.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Competition
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Bonds team members
  • Time management
  • Creativity and practical application
  • Ready, steady-chisel!

What's Involved?

We supply everything you need to get carving! Teams will get all the tools and instruction required to transform their partially - completed ice blocks into impressive sculpture. Pick from four designs - a hand holding a bottle, a horse's head, a zebra head, or a Santa head.

We also provide set-up and clear-down facilities at the venue, so all you have to do is turn up and start sculpting.

Your ice sculpting team building activity includes:

  • Partially-shaped ice block for each team
  • Choice of 4 designs
  • Carving kit (drain tray, gloves, and chisels)
  • Freezer transport
  • Professional ice sculpture demonstration
  • Hands-on instruction
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