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In It 2 Win It

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in it 2 win it
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In It 2 Win It - Indoor Events

The countdown starts. Your team is cheering you on. Do you have the state of mind and steady hand to beat the clock?!

In teams you will take part in a series of challenges with only 2 minutes to succeed. Looks can be deceiving! Whilst these challenges may look easy, looks can be deceptive!

You will need to put your best team member forward to complete each challenge, so choose wisely! Utilising the strengths of each person in your team is the only strategy for success.

Will you melt under pressure, or are you In It 2 Win It?!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Quick fire, high energy
  • Goal setting
  • Problem solving
  • Encourages competition
  • Creative thinking

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

We have over a 100 different challenges you can take part in.

Ready, aim, fire!

It's time to test your accuracy skills as competitors throw beanbags at a series of lights. Who will reach the dark side first?


Think tic tac toe, but with balls of pink and yellow! Face your competitor and bounce your way to glory.


It's time to get flipping mental!Think you've got pancake tossing perfected? Think Again! The aim of the game is to flip the tortilla on to your head.


Take a deep breath... It's time to get bowling. Test your lung capacity to the max as you navigate a ball into three horseshoes using only your breath.


You'll need fingers of lightning and perfectly precise skills as you single out a bowl of multi-coloured dice into their separate colours.


Get your hands steady and get ready to stack your way to victory! Using martini glasses and ping pong balls, guests must build a free-standing tower, at least five glasses high! Who will be the first to fall?


For this activity we recommend a running time of approximately 45 minutes - 1 hour. Running time will be dependent on your agenda.

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