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Looking for a way to make your conference presentation a roaring success? Interactive audience engagement software is the perfect tool for customising your presentation and will add value to your corporate event. This award-winning software is the perfect addition to any conference and is the ultimate engagement tool for the presenter and audience. It's ideal for conferences as delegates can easily access and log onto the live presentation through their smartphones and devices.

What's Involved?

All delegates will need to do is log onto the wi-fi through their devices and gain access via the URL provided. Each delegate will be instantly engaged with the presentation and can scroll through slides at their own pace with the ability to send personalised questions to the presenter throughout. The presenter is also able to create questions for the audience and collect valuable feedback for sharing data post event. It's a great way to encourage two-way interaction, improve ROI and enhance overall engagement with the audience.

There's even an opportunity to create your own social buzz around your conference too by sending your comments via hashtags to the presenter. The slides will show delegates personalised notes and the final presentation will be forwarded to their email addresses, enabling them to attendees to keep and share presentations for future reference. The presenter can use the analytics for digestible facts and analysing the success of the presentation.

Here's what's included with the interactive engagement presentation software:

  • Utilised to enhance engagement between presenter and audience, encouraging 2 way interaction
  • Users can access the live presentation to their mobiles or smart devices
  • Upload questions to ask the presenter
  • Add personalised notes to presentation
  • Tweet relevant slides
  • Use as a tool to take audience polls and surveys
  • Final presentation sent to users email addresses
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