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Law and Order - Indoor Events

There's a killer on the loose, and it's your job to stop them! As detective in charge of this crime scene, you'll have to work smart. Can your team learn and deploy hi-tech CSI skills to capture the murderer before they strike again?

Your sergeant will brief you on the appalling crime that has taken place–then it's up to you to take charge of the situation and unearth the perp. All the clues are here. Use modern forensic methods and good old fashioned detecting to find out what links the killer to the scene, why they did it, and how.

What's Involved?

Your job doesn't stop when you've nailed the perp. In classic Law & Order fashion, you'll have to see this case through from crime scene to courtroom! Team management and attention to detail are key. Your CSI unit must present the evidence to put the murderer away. Will you prove their guilt, beyond all reasonable doubt?

In addition to our own event management staff, we use genuine professionals from the police force or forensic science services. Your teams will learn genuine forensic techniques from the real experts! Find out how to extract telling material from a crime scene, and take it all the way from the sample bag to the evidence table.

This team building activity works best in a diner or restaurant, where there is space for the crime scene to be created.

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