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Lock Box Challenge

Indoor Events
lock box challenge
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Lock Box Challenge - Indoor Events

This challenge is against the clock, each team has to crack the codes to get inside the flight case that is placed on their table. Sounds simple? All that is in their way is a padlock and an unusual key! Frustration initially kicks in as the simple task of getting into the case actually isn't so simple and discussions ensue of how this can be completed with the team leader role changing as the minutes pass!

Team Building Benefits:

  • Problem Solving
  • Mathematical
  • Creative
  • Logical
  • Lateral Thinking

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

As the seconds and minutes pass on the unrelenting countdown clock the teams will throw themselves into a range of physical and mental challenges that require in turns concentration, energy, dedication, creativity and most of all teamwork. Who has the skill and dexterity to spin a plate, who has the patience to crack the Chinese puzzle box, will the team be able to pull together to complete the human rollercoaster and which team has the energy to get this all completed in the time? Will they crack under the pressure?

With time being of the essence the teams must decide the best course of action - do they tackle the easy challenges and amass points by completing volume or take the challenge of tackling the more difficult higher point scoring challenges.

As time trickles away the suspense in the room can be heard - have they done enough to claim victory at the conclusion of the event.

This event is fast moving, engages all members of the team and certainly ensures that there is a competitive but fun air in the room.


We would recommend an approximate running time of 1.5hrs - 2hrs

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