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Millionaire by Midnight

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millionaire by midnight
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Millionaire by Midnight - Indoor Events

Deal or No Deal meets Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in one thrilling evening event! If you're hunting for an entertaining activity that's also brilliant for team building, try Millionaire by Midnight. Working in teams, guests will be given £10,000 in fun money to invest with the aim of making as much money as possible by the end of the evening.

It's a race against time and a test of savvy investment and sales skills that will get everyone participating - and thinking.

Will they invest wisely and use their skills to maximum effect or get overexcited and gamble everything away?

Find out if there are any budding Alan Sugars or Duncan Bannatynes in the crowd!

What's Involved?

On one level, Millionaire by Midnight is a fun and fast-paced evening event. On a deeper level, it's an ingenious activity that encourages team work principles.

Teams will have the opportunity to dally in the investment zones detailed below.

The Racing Booth

Horse races will be screened at various points throughout the evening. We'll give teams the odds but it's up to them to decide if the risk is worth the investment! We supply the betting booths and winnings are paid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed horses.

Share Exchange

Playing the stock market is a tricky business but the payout can be worth the risk! Budding Gordon Gekkos will be supplied with information on the current performance of a number of fictitious companies and given the opportunity to buy shares. Will they choose wisely or blow all their cash on a turkey? All will be revealed when the final share prices are revealed at the end of Millionaire by Midnight!

Open the Box

Our take on Deal or No Deal is a game of chance that will see guests whoop and groan in equal measures! You know the drill, people. There are 16 boxes in the room and each contains a sum between £1 and £100,000. To play Open the Box, teams must pay £500 and take a gamble that the box they choose will contain more. Risky, but potentially profitable!

Formula 1

Guests will be wowed by our 16ft x 8ft replica of the Catalunya race track, complete with cool Scalextric cars! Each team nominates a driver for their car, opens a betting booth and takes bets on their performance in a nail-biting race. To up the ante, we've ensured that the odds offered are at the discretion of each team. They'll either win a packet or lose a fortune depending on their sales skills and the skill of the driver! Formula 1 is a brilliant team building activity in itself.

Pot Black

If there are any snooker or pool players in the room, this is their chance to shine! Teams get the opportunity to nominate one team member to have a go at potting the black. To make things more challenging, we've stipulated that the black must hit the cushion before it's potted. Teams must pay £1000 to enter but at 10-1, the odds are very tempting! Pot Black is a great way to illustrate the importance of utilising the talents of individual team members.

The grand finale!

Our events coordinators will signal the end of the investment section and then the fun really begins!

Each team will nominate one member to enter the quiz finale. Styled on the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? format, it's a nail-biting experience complete with compere, black chair, spotlight, microphones and big screen!

The questions get more challenging and the tension mounts as individuals literally take one for the team and use their smarts to win a cool million and claim victory!

This team building activity is good for:

Themed events, parties, evening events, day events and corporate events.

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