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Mobile Escape Room - Indoor Events

Can your team save the world? You have one hour to crack codes, solve puzzles and escape with the secret formula! Time management is essential on this event, as if you can’t complete all the tasks in time the world will be at risk from a deadly formula!  

Event Summary

Creative / Practical

What's Involved?

You need to infiltrate into the lab, cracking codes, puzzles, and passwords. Then its time to find the formula by getting the right people within the lab on your side. Next step is breaking into the vault, once in there you will need to work out what the formula contains. Teamwork and collaboration will be needed to succeed in this exciting event, every minute will count and will need to be used to save the world. 

Do your team work well under pressure, can they use their skills and deliver what is needed to succeed and save the world, this event will bring your team together with a fantastic, shared experience and challenge. They will work in new ways and learn fantastic transferable skills that can be taken back to the office.  

So, now’s the time to pull your team together to save the world!  

This event will be run on iPads with real life elements on site. 

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