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music industry madness
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Music Industry Madness - Indoor Events

There's a secret superstar inside all of us! Competitive, creative and challenging, Music Industry Madness is a team building event with roles for everyone. Great for groups large and small, this activity requires teams to launch their very own single and compete to win a gold disc.

There's more to Music Industry Madness than simply performing a song! Teams will need to address everything from choreography to album artwork and pop video production.

Our very own pop svengali will be on hand to lead this team building activity. He'll also decide if groups have what it takes to be the next big thing. Don't worry; he's more Gary Barlow than Simon Cowell!

Team Building Benefits:

Cooperation, communication and effective use of individual skills are crucial to the success of this team building event. Music Industry Madness is a great way to bond new teams and will strengthen the bonds between the members of existing teams. It's also an effective method of tackling resistance to change as team members will be asked to learn new skills to add to their existing abilities in an unfamiliar but fun environment.

What's Involved?

Music Industry Madness begins with a briefing from our pop svengali. Teams will be given full details of the individual tasks involved. These fall into four distinct areas, outlined below. Naturally, there's a time limit which must be strictly adhered to!


Using instruments supplied by our events coordinators, teams will be asked to perform a song from our list.

The following roles must be allocated: lead singer, drums, bass, backing vocals and lead guitar.

If good team work is displayed, roles will be allocated according to ability and will make best use of each team member's talents. Effective time management is crucial! Every second counts during rehearsals.

Album Artwork Creation

A memorable cover can make or break a single. The launch is imminent so teams will need to work against the clock to design suitably striking artwork. We will supply the materials but the artistic flair is down to the team members.


A funky dance routine can help send single sales into orbit - just look at the Time Warp and YMCA! With this in mind, teams will need to unleash their most dazzling dance moves to the beat of their chosen song. Challenging but fun, the choreography part of Music Industry Madness is great for encouraging cooperation and participation within a team environment.

Pop Video Production

From Stand and Deliver to Thriller and Take On Me, the pop video has proved to be a huge driving force in the success of a single. Teams will be asked to create their own mini film to tell the story of their chosen song. It will be premiered during the final performance.

Once all four elements have been completed, it's time to get the show up and running!

Teams will be given a slot to perform their songs and dance routines in the main room in front of our pop svengali and judges. They'll also want to see the promotional material before the final decision is made.

Which team will walk away with the gold disc?

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