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Olympic Cupcake Decorating

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olympic cupcake decorating
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Olympic Cupcake Decorating - Indoor Events

Get in training for this Olympic-sized indoor team building event! Can you bring the vibrancy, passion and drive of the Olympics to life using buttercream and fondant icing?

The challenge is to create fantastic decorations for a batch of scrumptious vanilla-flavoured Madeira cupcakes. As this is cupcake decorating with an Olympic twist, your embellishments must represent one of the countries competing in the Games.

Team Building Benefits:

  • Creativity and practical application
  • Time management
  • Communication, collaboration and interaction
  • Value of learning new skills

What's Involved?

With the reputation of a nation on their shoulders, teams will need to come up with extra special cupcake decorating themes. Fortunately, this indoor team building event includes an intensive training course in the art of icing cupcakes with a brilliant chef! She'll teach you killer techniques and share secret baker's tips that could give you the edge in competition.

Teams are tasked with completing a series of Olympic-themed cupcake decorating challenges: each one a big test of their ability to follow verbal and written instructions. Will they pipe their way to victory or fumble the fondant and fall at the final hurdle?

On your marks, get set…decorate!

This indoor team building event includes:

  • 6 Madeira cupcakes
  • Buttercream and fondant icing
  • Decorating kit
  • Cupcake decorating course with a chef
  • 3 Olympic-themed challenges to complete
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