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Olympic Nutrition Challenge

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olympic nutrition challenge
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Olympic Nutrition Challenge - Indoor Events

Nothing bonds teams quite like food! Olympic Nutrition is a fascinating team building activity that looks at what it takes to fuel champions. Each team must design a menu for an athlete from a specific discipline, then make the dishes using only ingredients from our shop and limited equipment. Bust out your best planning, budgeting, creative and analytical skills to smash this one!

What's Involved?

Each menu must feature a shake, a main course and a snack.

Each dish on your menu has to tick the nutritional boxes your athlete needs to win gold. A sprinter requires different fuel from a high jumper or a weightlifter. Can you get all the vital food groups into one menu and make it look like a winning dinner? Olympic Nutrition is a team building challenge that's as much about design as presentation.

When your menu's finalised, go to our shop and buy the ingredients. Budgeting just got interesting! Overspend and you could end up going back to the drawing board.

Our judges are real sticklers and will cast their beady eyes over the menus. Points will be awarded for everything from presentation to portion size, nutritional value and of course, taste.

Oh, and you'll need to convince the judges your menu represents the best value for money and create an advert to market it. No pressure, then!

Olympic Nutrition is a fun team building challenge that gets teams thinking about what needs to happen behind the scenes to achieve greatness.

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