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One Voice - Indoor Events

Our One Voice event can now be done virtually through online video conferencing.

Give your themed or team building event star quality with this full-choir spectacular! With the finest professional help in the business, your group is going to put together a showstopping performance. Dust off those vocal chords and prepare to lose some inhibitions.

What's Involved?

One Voice starts with a hit song, which we can tweak lyrically to match your brand's message or the focus of your team building event. A West End voice coach is on board to fine tune those diaphragms and extract the best performance from every member of the group. You'll be put through your paces with voice warmups, assigned roles based on your strengths and coached into delivering an absolute belter.

The experience of watching the song grow from its first performance to the roof-raising final rendition is one of the best team-building tools we've ever seen. Directed and encouraged by coaches who get powerful performances from the stars, your group really gets to feel the song evolve, with each member playing a vital role in its creation.

Watch your teams go from nervous first-timers to confident members of a choral powerhouse! We have two variants of One Voice to choose from, which can be adapted to your theme or the message of your meeting. Free your spirits, and sing to beat the band!

If done virtually, we will also create a video from the virtual event and send to you. 

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